The Equilux Studio

Eagle River, Alaska

The Equilux studio is located in the mountains of Eagle River, Alaska. A place of open spaces and inspiration.

The story behind the name of Equilux

Our spring and autumn equinox is when the sun’s path crosses an imaginary line in the sky that we call the equator. The length of day and night is nearly equal but not quite, because the sun’s rays are bent (refracted); thus one can be lit up before the sun actually rises. When the length of the day and night are truly equal, it is called equilux. This actually happens a few days before the spring equinox and a few days after the autumn equinox, and the day of equilux differs, depending on where one is located in the world.

Our location

The Equilux studio is located in the mountains of Eagle River, Alaska, a place of open spaces where inspiration runs free. Below, you can explore this vast, beautiful and changing landscape.

South Fork River Valley, Alaska

Ice Cascades

In November 2012 the winter started unusually cold and snowless. This caused the South Fork River to freeze into the most beautiful cascades. Below is a compilation of videos and photography taken in the area adjacent to the studio.

Denali Park Drive

Join us on a fall drive through Denali National Park. Shot with iPhone 6. Denali was in the clouds but the scenery was gorgeous nonetheless.


With so many different terrain features in the South Fork Valley the snow cover creates fascinating scenery. Following is a slideshow of some of the nicest ones I have taken.

Symphony in Pink - Video 2012

Follow the creation of a wooden Fireweed flower. Cut from 3/4 inch birch plywood, and painted with colorful water based gouache.