Articulated horses,
always changing

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These one-of-a-kind moving horse sculptures come alive through a myriad of possible positions, poses, and expressions. From standing and grazing to jumping and rolling for a dust bath on a summer day, each movement showcases these sculptureā€™s skillful details and echoes the movements of live horses.

Portrait of Ruffian - the latest articulated horse sculpture

Traditional, natural materials

The movements and painted detail showcase the expressive personality of the white horse Orion. All our horses are made from the finest materials, ensuring that each sculpture is the highest quality that can be passed down for generations to come.

American cherry and bass wood, leather, natural hair, combined with elements of brass and copper and linseed based natural pigment paints are the materials that each unique sculpture is created from.

Orion - articulated horse sculpture

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Odette Baseball Cap Show Jumper, Horse in Jumping Motion, Brooch, Equine graphic design Orlando Fleece Zip-Up Hoodie
Odette Baseball Cap
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Odette Pin
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Orlando Fleece Zip-Up Hoodie
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Show Jumper, Horse in Jumping Motion, Brooch, Rider, Equine graphic design Alexander celebrates the jump in action against the skyline of New York. Symphony in Pink Series - "Midi"
Orlando Pin
Price: $25.00
Alexander New York T-Shirt
Price: $35.00
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Wall Art Collection

Each wall hanging is perfect for nature lovers of all kinds - each piece crafted to mirror nature with a flair of artistic creativity to create a breathtaking display.

"Symphony in Pink" collection

This iconic Alaskan flower is front and center in the Alaskan Arctic Light collection. In the Symphony Series variations on the theme makes our short summers last throughout the winter. 

 Symphony in Pink Series