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Blue Horse was created from small pieces of fine cherry wood and slowly carved starting with its head. From there every other part came to be step by step over time. The horse has a relatively rough finish, and is painted in a beautiful expressive Prussian blue color, with small white stars as if it were the night sky. Blue Horse has a personality of his own, that comes to life when moved and positioned, and this sculpture can express various moods through body language.

Emphasis for this work was flexibility of the parts, and the natural sense of the movement. An example of the articulation would be of the feet, where each is done with three pieces individually hinged to re-create the effect of when a horse put it's foot down and then puts weight on it. In addition to the detailed segmented neck construction that allows for ample flexibility, Blue Horse's mouth can open, and his ears and lower lip can be moved as well. Horse lovers can recognize the little hints and reflections of behaviors of a horse. (Personal collection)