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The Anchorage Mushing District - Art by Maria Talasz

The Mushing District project in Anchorage is a project centers around the celebration of the rich history of dog mushing in the State of Alaska and particularly of dog racing on Fourth Avenue in Anchorage. The project is currently in the design phase, and involves 3D art, graphic design and renderings by Maria. Specific contributions include: the dogs and musher profiles adorning the commemorative arch that marks the start of the Iditarod, the bronze pawprint and the husky profile disks that will be embedded in street furniture and sidewalks around the district. In addition, Maria provides rendering support, ads, and brochure layout to promote the project. To help fund this project solid bronze pawprints can be purchased that can feature your name, or someone's name you gift a sponsorship to. They are cast in bronze, engraved and embedded in sidewalk pavement permanently part of Anchorage's street-scape celebrating Alaska's history! This amazing beautification project will be completely crowd funded and various options are available to get involved. Check out the website for more information. They range from bronze paw prints to adopting one of the dogs, be recognized in a profound way. This arch will be a backdrop where many visitors will snap a photo to share!

*Click to visit the official Mushing District pages on the Rondy website*

Winning Art for the 2019 and 2018 Rondy Pin

Rondy Pins by Maria Talasz For two years in a row the collectors pins used to raise funds for a variety of activities and celebrations at the annual Rondy Winter Festival were designed by Maria Talasz. The 2018 pins featured husky pups and the 2019 design reindeer in the "Running of the Reindeer" race held every year. This event raises money for the Marine's Toys for Tots and is one of the most popular events of the winter festivities around Rondy. Pin designs are selected in a competition format with a deadline in June of every year. The competition designs are a donation. Check out the official 2019 Rondy guide.