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Like the creation of a painted portrait, in branding we aim to reflect the personality of a service or product together with the whole of the business. It is a process that ties together a collection of colors, shapes, images and characters that set the tone for all the graphics, the website, and other media to tell your story. Branding provides context and supports a focused marketing plan, allows for clearer communication, and paves the way to success.

Equilux serves a select number of valued clients, and most projects include training opportunities for internal staff to boost creativity and skills. The goal is they can take the materials and work with them independently. Project experience varies and include graphic and digital design, 3D interior and exterior signage, illustrations, and photography.

Now that you are thinking about branding, are you happy with how your materials reflect your business?

  • Is inconsistency creating visual noise?
  • Are your materials speaking with the same voice?
  • Do they reflect the personality of your business today?
  • Are your materials scalable?
  • Can you use them across platforms?
  • Do you have a plan?

Whether close or far from your goals, get them within reach!


PSE: Rewarding for safety at work

Safety is critical when it comes to utilities. In this collaborative project with the safety department of Puget Sound Energy, we developed a reward package that ties in with PSE's overall program, to respond positively with a reward and acknowledge the extra work done by internal safety recorders and safety committee chair personnel.

Rewarding for safe actions and safe behavior is a valued part of many safety programs. Together with healthy work habit incentives, and continued outreach, training, and communication program it builds a great safety culture the company can be proud of.


KOMAN Holdings

KOMAN Holdings is a success story of a small Native Alaskan company. Its leadership recognized wonderful opportunities for a sustained growth ahead and it made a plan. Realizing that their marketing materials, web presence, and overall branding was falling much too short of the needed quality for presentations and statements of qualifications, we started working together on a multi-year phased plan that included:

  • Creation of a look to emulate a family of companies for all subsidiaries, yet leaving room for diversity
  • Develop logos and business cards that carry one element throughout all subsidiaries
  • Templates for all internal and external communications
  • Rollout of the materials and the branding plan internally through a detailed communications plan
  • Websites design, domains consolidation, and more
  • Support and training for the marketing team to expand on the branding and periodically review it
  • Social Medial plan, strategies, content development
  • Explore the results here: http://www.komanholdings.com, (Holdings Company) http://www.nativesofkodiak.com (Owner Company) and http://wwwkomangs.com (Example Subsidiary)
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Decision Point Associates

Finding successful methods of identifying unrecognized hazards is a priority for many businesses. Ease of implementation and successful training of large groups of employees is key to get hazards in the workplace identified and mitigated to drive injuries down. The Global Hazard Recognition and Energy Wheel is such a solution. Equilux's services included the layout and design of a lighted fabric exhibit booth and a variety of marketing materials.


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