Philanthrophy and donations
Giving back to the community through philanthrophy and donations

Giving back to the community

Our giving program largely centers on Marine Ecosystem Research and Preservation, Climate Change, Safety, but also include a few Social Impact causes. In our sourcing of our materials we keep all the above in mind, so that we are giving back in little ways in our business every day. Learn more here.

Here are our highlights:

The Victoria Project with Sonder and Holliday - 2020

Click here to learn about this project.

Alaska SeaLife Center Gala 2019

This year, we donated a crowd favorite, a sunny Fireweed Solo. All proceeds go to support the programs of the Alaska Sealife Center.

The Alaska SeaLife Center, Alaska‚Äôs premier public aquarium and Alaska's only permanent marine mammal rehabilitation facility, is located on the shores of Resurrection Bay in Seward in the U.S. state of Alaska. Visit 

Seattle Quake Jersey Design

Seattle Quake Rugby Club Jersey 

We are proud to have designed this outfit for Pride Week, and other events around the word for the all inclusive Seattle Quake Rugby Club. Go Quake! 

Seattle Quake Rugby Football Club is a non-profit corporation and a gay organization that actively seeks out traditionally under-represented members in our community and encourages them to explore the sport of Rugby Union in a non-threatening and empowering environment.  As such, the Seattle Quake maintains a developmental rugby program that fosters a love for the sport of rugby, regardless of athletic ability.  Through positive and competitive engagement in our surrounding communities, we hope to directly challenge stereotypes and bigotry in what has historically been the uncommon ground of rugby.  Further, we actively participate and are in solidarity with other organizations that share our common goals of mutual understanding and respect for all members of the community.

Other donations

Picolo pieces from the Symphony in Pink series were donated to Alaska Resource Education, The Jewish Gala, and the Presbyterian Church of Palmer, Alaska. The Picolo makes an excellent gift.

Symphony in Pink - Picolo

Alaska SeaLife Center Gala 2018

Alaska SeaLife Center Gala 2018 - AKU Mirror by Maria Talasz, Equilux

Aku, the orphaned walrus.

This piece is a portrait of the baby walrus and the story behind his rehabilitation. The frame includes a scene with the AU Grabber, the Alaska gold dredge of the crew that found the baby walrus and key to his his rescue, and ASLC staff involved in the walrus' rehabilitation keeping him company day and night. All blended together on the rim of this mirror. 30 x 24 inches. - Update - I was honored to learn this piece was bought and then directly donated to the staff at the center to keep!  Read the story here

Plant Trees 

Fondation Prince Albert II de Monaco Project - Trees for water

In December we donated to the Grow-Trees project, which we plan to do each year.  After you donate, you can look up the location of your trees, the location of this little grove below can be seen by clicking hereJoin in the effort and plant trees today  The Fondation Prince Albert II de Monaco works all over the world to protect marine life and our environment in general with focused programs and projects.

Alaska SeaLife Center Gala 2018 - AKU Mirror by Maria Talasz, Equilux

Alaska SeaLife Center Gala 2017

Golden Retriever portrait mirror.

Alaska SeaLife Center Gala 2016

Mount Susitna, the Sleeping Lady

Susitna is made of wooden parts joined together by braided nylon rope brushed into tassels at the bottom. The delicate pieces that make up the scenery float in front of the background. See another piece here to learn more

Alaska SeaLife Center Gala 2015

Printed Blankets

Alaska SeaLife Center Gala 2015 - Medveditsa on blanket - by Maria Talasz, Equilux

Alaska SeaLife Center Gala 2015 - Printed blankets by Maria Talasz, Equilux

Each blanket featured a print of an Alaskan 3D work previously created.

Alaska Sealife Center Gala 2014


3D Wood Art, with elements on slender nylon rope as rays of light shining down. Size 6'x 2'6".

Alaska SeaLife Center Gala 2014 - Beluga 3D painting by Maria Talasz, Equilux

Sealife Center Gala 2013

Exeline decorative plate.

Alaska Sealife Center Gala 2012


Grace is an articulated shark sculpture, in white and silver of about 30 inches long and jointed. Connected by hinges and fine leather on her sides. 

Alaska SeaLife Center Gala 2013 - Grace by Maria Talasz, Equilux

Wolf Song of Alaska

Volunteering since 1993

Wolf Song of Alaska - Art by Maria Talasz, Equilux Wolf Song of Alaska - Facebook Art by Maria Talasz, Equilux

Maria Talasz has been involved for many years with Wolf Song of Alaska. As a 501(c)(3) non-profit, apolitical organization they are committed to achieving an understanding of the wolf and other wild canids through education, science and public awareness. Incorporated in 1988 in the State of Alaska, Wolf Song of Alaska has distinguished itself as a highly visible and resourceful organization that is devoted to an understanding the plight of the wolf, its natural, history, its varied relation to humans throughout the ages, and its role as a major symbol in folklore, myth, legend, art, and religion. Wolf Song of Alaska's world-class web site, Facebook page, and education programs have greatly impacted the general public's knowledge about the wolf other wild canids, and other predators in the wild. From local school programs and youth organizations, to the hosting of renowned educator, "Wolfman/Critterman," Wolf Song of Alaska continues to expand its education programs and projects.

Follow the plight of the wolf on their Facebook page. Keep up through the daily posts with news and articles from across the globe.