Pegasus equine accents and the Victoria Project
Pegasus horse hair accents help the Victoria Project bring change to Ghana

Pegasus accents♞for the Victoria Project of Sonder & Holliday


Introducing: The Pegasus horse hair tassel

The Pegasus horse hair tassel beautifully personalizes any hand bag, purse, or basket.

          $48 US + shipping

The tassels range from natural horse hair colors to radiant ombre colors. Custom versions can also be made, simply with a strand of hair you provide of a beloved horse. We'll do the rest. Metal hues include rose gold, regular gold, chrome, brushed nickel. Our hardware is tarnish resistant, made to last. Packaged in a luxurious box, the ornament includes a leather mini strap accessory for even more applications. The Pegasus tassel accents make an excellent gift.

Equilux horse sculptures and equine art
Sonder & Holliday's luxury resort wear is handmade by artisans across the globe. We are excited to add an equine touch to the Victoria basket line and help make a difference giving back to the artisan communities.

The Sonder & Holliday philosophy is captured perfectly in the statement "TRUE LUXURY UPLIFTS THE WEARER AND THE MAKER". With each sale a portion goes back to the community of artisans that create the Victoria baskets. Currently Sonder & Holliday focuses on a special project in Ghana, to give back in a profound way. Learn more about the project here. 

About our materials. The horse hair bundles we purchase is from hair that is too short to be used for violin bows. It is sourced from around the world from departed horses that were raised and lived their life in colder climates such as Mongolia. Areas known for developing thick hair for musical instruments. The hardware is imported from Canada, gift boxes from the UK. Leather from USA and the straps are recycled/scraps from our articulated horse projects.  Ideas, coloring, creation, and assembly in Alaska, USA. Sold only through Sonder & Holliday.