Environmental and social responsibility
Sourcing with the environment and social responsibility in mind

Art ♥ Environment ♥ Social Responsibility

Equilux - Art ♥ Social
  • Every choice we make takes into account where the materials come from. In every step of our artistic and manufacturing process we keep reduction, recycling, and re-use in mind.
  • We take pride in the fact that our t-shirts are sourced in the USA through Los Angeles Apparel. A fair wage, socially responsible company.
  • When we use vinyl for embellishment we opt for the suppliers that sell materials that do not contain harmful chemicals and we reuse the parts that are otherwise discarded in other creative projects.
  • Cherry and other wood we use for our horse sculptures comes from sustainably harvested species, and we reuse the parts that are not used in other projects.
  • Leather and hair is from normal farm and domesticated animals and we avoid at all cost any endangered or exotic animal parts in our work. "Art" is not an excuse to harm the planet.
  • From our revenue we generously donate to causes that aim to study and take action to bring earth back into balance. Our studio is located in a part of the world heavily impacted by climate change. We hope that our small steps can contribute to change.
  • Sublimation blanks are sourced in the USA. We believe that our country has some of the best regulations to ensure fair wages and respect human rights and we are willing to pay a slightly higher price.