The Equilux Articulated Horses

Made from the finest natural materials the horses' high level of articulation allows  them to be changed into many different positions and expressions. 

Maxima the Articulated horse 


Above:  a pose reminiscent of a classic painting - Whistlejacket, a portrait of a race horse. Revolutionary at the time the painting was close to life size and had no background behind it giving full attention to the horse...  

Right: Blue Horse is a smaller sculpture that forms the basis of the latest version. Blue is carved from fine cherry wood with accents of  leather and small jay feathers .

Look for a new series of horses in 2019!

Symphony in Pink - Fireweed

This iconic Alaskan flower is front and center in the Alaskan Arctic Light collection. In the Symphony Series variations on the theme makes our short summers last throughout the winter. 

Maxima the Articulated horse

Vantage Point Charlene, Horse in Flowing Motion, Lapel Pin Equilux Crystal Paper Weight
Vantage Point
Price: $850.00
Charlene Pin
Price: $20.00
Majestic Denali and Magic Milton - Two Great Ones Susitna Sunset Symphony in Pink
Susitna Sunset
Price: $1,250.00
Symphony in Pink
Price: $1,250.00