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"Charlene" captures a sense of rush and powerful forward rhythmic motion through the intricate image of a horse in an extended trot. This energetic design embodies a feeling of success, speed, flow and suspense. Wood material provides a spatial aspect to the fine lines, which frees the horse from the confines of the surface and frame. The unpainted grain of the varnished
wood shows a mirroring depth beyond the colors of golden brown and white painted edges. The brass trim adds a shine and sharpness, and perhaps even a sense of determination to this delicate, yet powerful, sculpture.

The size of this sculpture is 28 inches by 36 inches. Made of fine Baltic Birch with outline of the horse is fitted with brass trim, or 23 car gilded edge. Each metal giving extra detail to the flow of the lines.

Charlene was selected for the 2014 Fall Open Juried Exhibition at the American Academy of Equine Art.