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Maria Talasz about Equilux®

My work embodies the visualization of a living flow of lines that I see in everything. Whether navigating the multicolored splendor of a shoreline or depicting a subtle sense of change, this language of lines will translate into expressions of joy, liberation, awe, or victory.

As a result, the range of my artwork is nearly endless in variety, from very detailed to completely abstract, or in materials from the softest fur to glass and electricity. This variance in the art may cause initial difficulty if analysis leans toward routine categorization, but conclusion will find eventual discovery of the lines and series that evolve. Within the development of flow it is important for me to carry each composition beyond two dimensions, free from boxed or circled confines.

When boundaries are called upon, a space must be left open, allowing the selected work to breathe with motion, and giving even the deepest black a mysterious vibrancy. I balance the positive and negative spaces, which combine to form the selected totality.

Regardless of the medium for sculpted construction, each is presented with openness and a blending within the space it occupies. Pieces are connected without becoming immobilized, for always there is movement and room for emotions to experience a specific sense from a recreated, special moment. All these elements come together in each work so that none are static, but rather contain a timeless flow of lines as the myriad and vivid expressions of life.