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Visual impressions with color, imagination, and depth.

Projects vary and include graphic and digital design, 3D interior and exterior signage, illustrations, and photography.

KUPOLCollection.comDenali Commercial Properties


PSE: Rewarding for safety at work

Collaborative project with the safety department of Puget Sound Energy.


"G" is for Gonzalez Marketing

Logo carving in layered pine wood. The letter "G" is cut out of a rounded lens shaped surface and is pushed through to the front where it is suspended. The sides have been painted shiny gold, and overall the red has a rich metallic shine. Also in 2012 a web site was designed on the Drupal platform: http://www.gonzalezmarketing.com

Get your Degree at CowhorseU

Training Program books, illustrations, and website

CowhorseU is an internationally recognized performance horse training program for performance horses "In his Cowhorse U Programs, 15-time World Champion Les Vogt will train you to use his strategies (and his secrets) to create sensational performance with your horse."

We aimed for a clear layout that would be easily reproduced in black and white. Includes a large number of diagrams to explain the steps through various exercises for the training. Level 1 was followed by level two and included a website. The program is available here: http://www.lesvogt.com/cowhorse-u-level-2-maneuve...

J'eet's Challenge - Race Up to Zip Down

Icy Strait Point, in Hoonah, Alaska.
In this project we tried to blend culturally significant art elements and colors to frame a poster for a race, that evokes a sense of the experience riding one of the most amazing zipline rides in the world. Sharing the wild beauty of Southeast Alaska, and drawing tourism to explore this region in a wide variety of ways.

Rack cards - Invitations to the Spectacular

Icy Strait Point, in Hoonah, Alaska.
Learn more out this beautiful place here: http://icystraitpoint.com/

Alaska Resource Education - Rocks!

Girl Scouts of Alaska Resource Patch Design.
The design included four patches plus program / curriculum book layout. The patches are being earned all across Alaska.

NGE/Terra Firma - Joining (Geo) Forces

Merging two logos into one, Alaska.
When Northern Geotechnical Engineering (NGE) and Terra Firma merged they looked for a way to blend the two original logos into one new design. This project included layouts for trucks, construction signage, letterhead, and business cards.

KUPOL: Alaska's History in paintings of 105 Churches.

For this online Volusion store all of the images were brought together to show how many historic sites there are in Alaska. Through a commission from the Natives of Kodiak these special buildings are now documented in oil on canvas by Geanina Kantemir. http://www.kupolcollection.com