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Equilux Maria Talasz Maxima


The newest member of the Articulated Horse family is Equilux "Maxima" AHM. As a fully jointed and poseable sculpture, her personality comes to life when her body positions and expressions change. Maxima stands 3 hands high and is 45 cm long from nose to the base of her tail.
Created from American cherry and bass wood combined with fine leather, she is coated in the warm depth of natural oil colors. Features a braided mane and tail of fine long goat hair. [Patent Pending].

Maxima is the first in this series of intricate sculptures. In the future custom orders for portraits will be considered. For inquiries please email sales [at] Equilux [dot] com.

Maxima - The fully articulated horse

Maria Talasz - Equilux Articulated Horse "Maxima" listening and looking back what's behind

Equine body language

Sculptures reflecting natural movement and expression.

by Maria Talasz

Years ago I envisioned building a horse sculpture capable of expressing moods. To a large extent, a horse uses body language to communicate and in my versions of articulation, the neck gets extra attention. It plays a large role in this language, together with ears, eyes, mouth, nose, and tail. The movement of a neck has to be smooth in moving up and down, nicely arching, and well flexing. In addition, the ears have to be able to move in all natural directions.
Blue Horse
was created from a small piece of fine cherry wood carved into a little head. From there every other part was created by hand. The horse with his relatively rough finish, its flexibility of the parts, and the natural sense of the movement, gets a personality of his own when moved about and positioned. It comes to life through the owner's hand.
The sculptures are intentionally created in traditional materials such as wood, selected for specific properties, fine cow leather, real goat hair, complemented with metal and finished in natural (historic pigments) oil based paints. Considerable time is given to all details and aspects of the design of each part to achieve the maximum possible realistic effect.

Equilux Articulated Horse: 3D redesign of the hoof by Plamen DrenskiEquilux Articulated Horse Project: Hooves

Renderings by designer Plamen Drenski.

Software and Equipment

3D modeling software Rhino 5 by McNeel and Associates.

Rhino 3D

Machining of certain parts is performed with Roland CNC machines.


Other products include DeWalt, Proxxon, Dremel, Makita, and others for planing, cutting, sanding, and fine drilling and hand finishing.

Paints by Rublev/Natural Pigments

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Articulated Horses Articulated Horses

One of a kind fully articulated horse model sculptures, made with the highest quality natural materials including American cherry, American bass wood, fine cowhide, Tibetan goat hair, rare earth magnets. Painted with Rubliev Natural Historic Pigment oil paints, optional 23.5 Kar gold leaf applications.

The fine sculptures are capable of all common equine expressions. They can stand by themselves, holding a pose, or set in resting pose supporting themselves relaxing on just three legs, or lie down, sit, and roll and more. Each horse features amazing natural detail, including the ability to open its mouth and moving its ears forward or backward. The sculptures can be different each and every day in an endless variety determined by its owner.

Horse stands 3 hands high at the shoulder, is more than 24 inch long with stretched neck and head to articulated tail.

Additional optional accessories include tack, framed colored metal base plate, wooden custom briefcase for storage, display stand and more. Available in custom paint schemes and gold leaf applications. (More photos and video coming soon).

Note: Prices for custom horse sculptures start at $7,500.00

Price: $7,500.00