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Alaska Resource Education(ARE) puts the power of Alaska's resources into the hands of Alaska students.

Since 1982, ARE has been igniting and inspiring young minds about Alaska's natural resources.

The four designs represent the different Alaska Resources and are four new patches designed for the new science focused program for the Girl Scouts of Alaska. Explore the textbook here in PDF format: Natural Resources Patch Series.

Click to download the activity book

Rock and Roll around AlaskaMaria Talasz provides a variety of design services to enhance the materials with illustrations, photography, website design and other creative communication materials. Visit http://www.akresource.org.

"Rock & Roll Around Alaska" is ARE's seminal outreach program that teaches educators how to implement our curriculum in their classroom. Certified through the University of Alaska as a 500-level course granting 1 CEU, "Rock & Roll Around Alaska" brings together current and hands-on mineral, energy and forest resource educational materials to classrooms throughout the state, inspiring teachers through scientific and career-centered activities. Learn more at: http://akresource.org/are/?q=RockRoll